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Hidden City Maps
Interactive Installation
The Performance Arcade—annual festival of live art
Wellington, New Zealand
February 2011

Hidden City Maps is a companion piece to Hidden Cities and was the departure and returning point for the performance walk.

When the participants returned to the shipping container after Hidden Cities they were invited to add their experience the Map Table by marking a point in the city with a small flag and writing their memory on the wall next to the number corresponding to the flag. The flags and their categories related to the five packets that were opened during the performance and the modes, roles and spaces they instigated. Each one is a ‘hidden city’ that is uncovered in the habitual terrain: Seeing Cities, Memory Cities, Forgotten Cities, Lofty Cities, and City Spectacles.

The map table, made in the shape of the Wellington harbor and laser-engraved with a map of the city, doubled as a self-contained project as well. Members of the public who had not taken part in the performance walk were also invited to make places of memory or significance with a flag.

This project was subsequently presented at the Auckland Performance Arcade